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Jane Sullivan born in Los Angeles (to British parents, both artists) and lived there until the age of 27.

During this time she became a soloist with the Southern Californian Ballet and also received two degrees: a B.A. in English Literature and Fine Art and an M.A. in Mythology, Folklore and Celtic Studies.

After moving to Cork, Ireland, she established a calligraphy society and a professional studio. For eleven years she taught and exhibitted calligraphy and celtic design and executed numerous comissions for universities, government departments and commercial enterprises. She also completed a postgraduate diploma in medieval studies and taught communications and graphic design.

In 1999 she was invited to Cambridge University in England as a "Visiting Scholar" to continue her research of early insular manuscripts, a field of study which provides the inspiration for much of her own calligraphy and illumination.

In 2001 she moved to France where she continues to produce and exhibit her unique style of fantasy watercolours and medieval manuscript art.

Jane Sullivan

March 2003

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